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As more organisations look towards Agile ways of working to create efficiencies in their software or change deliveries, it is easy to lose track of what is possible. This site is intended to provide insights into Agile ways of working for both seasoned enthusiasts and uncertain beginners.

It is a work in progress. Articles and insights will be published as demand and time permits. If there is anything you would like to see here; please let me know your thoughts.

Similarly, if you need the services of a certified SAFe® Program consultant, Release Train Engineer, Agile Coach or Certified ScrumMaster®; please email me at alan@crackagile.com.



What they said...

Alan has proven his worth...

I had been trying for months to find a way to gel my delivery teams. Save yourself the time and aggravation – just take Alan's lead and watch your team deliver great quality output.
John Taylor
Programme Director
Alan has proven his worth at focusing a group of disparate stakeholders when accuracy and timings were critical to delivery.
Mark Leggatt
Business Continuity Consultant
It is refreshing to work with an Agile Coach who actually understands architecture and data.
Tariq Shafique
FinTech Solutions Architect
Leading and coaching lots of people with different attitudes and views can be like herding cats. Somehow, Alan did it.
Greig Calder
Senior Business Analyst
I actually quite like him.
Syd Agarwal
Ruby Developer

I focus on one thing

Quality output

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About Me

You can’t spend all your life staring at a screen or planning a delivery.

I find getting completely away from the task frees-up the creative synapses. Always returning more driven than before.

Social media isn’t really my thing, but you can occasionally catch me on LinkedIn or just message me below.

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This site is open to all Agile enthusiasts to get their point across. After all, it wouldn’t be agile if we weren’t open to challenge and change.

The blog is currently toggled-off. However, if you would like to write an article for the site, I would be happy to hear from you. Just use the contact form on this page. I am happy to link back any articles to your own social media or website.

Almost definitely.

The ‘almost’ part is important though.

Agile should be open source. Feel free to use and modify any content written by me, in personal or commercial projects. However, not all content is owned by me. Logos and badges will be owned by the respective organisations who awarded them. Images tend to be copyright of whoever captured or created the image. Similarly, articles, blogs and testimonials written by 3rd parties remain their property.

If in doubt; ask by contacting me below. Any breach of copyright is on your head unless you have something in writing from me saying otherwise.

Crediting, or linking, crackagile.com on any extracts will help keep the site running for the benefit of the wider Agile community. But I won’t cry if you don’t.

Just head down to the contact form and drop me a message.

To my knowledge scaling frameworks do not yet include cloning humans, so there’s a limit to what I can actively pursue. However, if you have a challenging proposal; get in touch. We’ll never be further behind than we are right now.


I have high quality contacts in every discipline of software development and change management. Just get in touch using the form below and we can get moving on that.

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